SStL Philosophy


Meg Petri, M.Ed., LPC, LCPC, NCC
Meg has a B.A. in Psychology and a M.Ed. in Counseling Behavioral Science, both from University of Missouri-St. Louis. She is nationally certified, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri and Illinois. With over 25 years of experience, Meg has provided services to children, families, and adults through counseling at the Comprehensive Mental Health Services of St. Clair County, CPC Spirit of St. Louis Hospital, Epworth Children and Family Services, and Progressive Youth Connection. In addition, Meg served as Executive Director at PYC for 14 years. Meg has served the community through voluntary services with the Missouri Center for Education Safety and Advisory Committee, as a Board Member and President of the Community Service and Public Relations Committee, and as Committee Member in the development of Restorative Justice Services. Additionally, Meg is a graduate of the Leadership St. Louis program through Focus St. Louis, class of 2007-2008 and a graduate of Leadership through People Skills through the Psychological Associates. Meg serves on the Missouri Center for Education Safety Advisory Committee and the Pre-K/Early Education Subcommittee. In all services, Meg utilizes the Strength-based Philosophy which believes that all individuals possess the strengths they require to overcome obstacles and navigate daily life. Here is how she applies her experience:

Life is too short to waste your energy on small problems. Simple Solutions to Life believes that by addressing life issues and events in a practical, problem-solving manner, your time is much freer to enjoy a happy, confident life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Certainly nobody expects it to be perfect, and we all hit rough patches, experience tragedy, and suffer moments of self-doubt and depression. Yet life, even with the not-so-pleasant times, offers many opportunities of great joy. It is a great tragedy to waste life’s moments struggling through issues that can easily be resolved. At Simple Solutions to Life we believe that quality time should be given to those serious moments, healing should be encouraged, and no one should ever feel bad about returning to a joyful life.

Many people get tied up in life’s little problems. Without the skills to navigate life’s hiccups, which we all experience, we become mired in the same ineffective patterns and have trouble moving forward. Our lives become filled with anger, anxiety, fearfulness, and general discomfort. You simply cannot have these emotions daily and be a happy person. It is this very premise on which Simple Solutions to Life has built its practice. Through a strengths-oriented assessment and a unique plan of action, problems are tackled in a direct and swift growth producing manner. Simple Solutions to Life is a place where committed individuals receive a helping hand in getting their life back to a place of happiness. We address all manner of issues, but there is one common, underlying belief: every person possesses the strength to overcome the obstacles they face in life.