Family & Kids


With over 25 years of experience in working with families and children, Simple Solutions to Life applies the same philosophy to familial problems as it does to individual problems. Families possess unique strengths that can be applied to overcoming difficult times, such as an angry child, healthy discipline, the blending of families, school difficulties, family relocation, and so much more. The key to healing a family is to allow everyone to experience a special and valued place in the family. Through assessment, a plan is created for the family to work through. This plan builds skills and increases unity, allowing the family to work through problems that may arise long after counseling is completed.

At times, it is the child that needs someone to talk to. We offer child and adolescent counseling, covering such issues as anger management, anxiety, bullying, school difficulties, and issues with self-esteem and communication. We provide a safe environment for children and teens to explore issues that may be difficult to work through with the adults in their lives. Through counseling, safety, personal strengths, and self-esteem are promoted.  Counseling with children and teens utilizes age appropriate activities and techniques that are matched to the individual’s maturity level.

At Simple Solutions to Life we view all families as being incredibly precious. We believe that all children should experience the pleasure of growing up in a family that values happiness and joy.