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Why Is Change So Difficult?

“Change is easy” said nobody, ever. Really that is not entirely true. Some changes are welcomed and bring excitement and joy, such as the arrival of a new baby. Some changes are unplanned and scary, such as the loss of a job or a sudden expense.And some changes are simply not what you want, such as the end of a marriage. As humans, we have the innate capacity to make change even more difficult. When we resist change, we discount our ability to handle difficult situations. The more we resist, the more we increase our frustration. That very frustration is what can trigger depression, anxiety, and even physical illness. So the question begs, how do we deal with change?

The answer is research, planning, and self-confidence. Begin by acknowledging how you are emotionally affected by the situation. Be honest with yourself and don’t be embarrassed to write it down, if needed. Then determine what you would like to get out of the change. For example, say you have a sudden, unexpected expenditure. Well, you might acknowledge feeling frightened and overwhelmed. Then you need to research. This may simply be looking at your own budget or you may go online for various answers to how other people have dealt with the same experience. Finally, come up with a plan. If you continue without some type of plan, you will increase your frustration and anxiety. A plan is a proactive way to deal with the problem. You may have to adjust the plan as you move through the change, but you definitely need a place to start. So, for the expenditure, you may decide to decrease your expenses, increase your income, or ask for a way to reduce the expense. Then you must work the plan.  This is where your self-confidence comes in. Have confidence in the fact that you were thoughtful about the situation, and you put together the best plan for you. This will allow you to have time away from the “change” in which you can experience happiness and joy. There will always be change, but there is no rule that says you have to let it consume you.